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Automotive water pump bearings are constantly changing and developing trends

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Automotive water pump bearings are constantly changing and developing trends

Date:2020-09-15 Author: Click:

Under the new era characteristics of the rapid development trend, cars are also undergoing rapid development changes as the material of the period, and the engine as the source of driving force for cars has continued to develop towards higher and higher output power. The driving speed of cars is increased. In such cases, the regulations on the bearings of automotive water pumps are also naturally improved. Only the characteristics of the rolling bearings of the centrifugal water pump are sufficient and strong, which can support the operation of all the engines and make the whole car happy. Driving on the street, in recent years, automobile water pump bearings have been continuously replaced and upgraded.

First of all, the heat resistance of automotive water pump bearings is becoming stronger and stronger in the continuous development trend. Because the output power of the engine continues to expand, the speed ratio of the centrifugal water pump is also continuously accelerated, and the heat generated is also increasing. , Only with a certain heat-resistant working ability, the rolling bearing can work again without being affected in the natural environment of high-calorie food. In addition, the bearing capacity of automobile water pump bearings has also been improved for a long time, because the speed ratio acceleration has also caused the rolling bearing to have a strong bearing capacity during the whole process of operation, so that the work can be carried out reasonably, and it can also be maintained for a long time. Validity period. Under the continuous development trend of the new period, the rolling bearing of centrifugal water pump will develop again in accordance with the new regulations.


Reasons for the dismantling and replacement of automobile water pump bearings:

1. The leakage of refrigerant is mostly caused by the embrittlement of the seal ring of the centrifugal water pump;

2. Too tight the transmission belt of the diesel engine will also cause the centrifugal water pump to be damaged too early, the antifreeze liquid of the car will not be disassembled for a long time, and the internal erosion will eventually lead to the destruction of the centrifugal water pump;

3. Whether the bearing of the automobile water pump is bent, the motor shaft is damaged horizontally, and whether the outer thread of the bearing end cover is damaged;

4. If the centrifugal water pump is not good, it will cause the circulation system to produce high temperature. The key of the centrifugal water pump is that the water seepage or the leaf breaks off the circulation system.

The key to the failure of centrifugal water pump is caused by the embrittlement of the centrifugal water pump seal ring, and there is also a diesel engine that is too tight to cause the centrifugal water pump to be damaged too early. Install and check the centrifugal water pump, turn the centrifugal water pump hard, and open the card. It should be a rolling bearing. Damage must be replaced.

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