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Automotive water pump bearings play a basic role in the heat absorption propulsion system

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Automotive water pump bearings play a basic role in the heat absorption propulsion system

Date:2021-02-19 Author: Click:

The water pump is one of the main components of the cooling system that all circulating cars are equipped with.

Water pump: structure, function and possible effects of possible failure

The automobile water pump bearing plays a basic role in the heat-absorbing propulsion system, because it can coexist with other components of the cooling system to keep the engine within a temperature range that is not harmful to the normal operation of all mechanical organs that constitute it. The need to keep the engine room within a predetermined temperature range is due to the need to prevent high temperature from causing serious damage, especially serious damage to the cylinder head, piston or cylinder.

Therefore, the purpose of automotive water pump bearings is to directly transfer the power generated by the mechanical shaft to the fluid used to cool the car.

Rolling models are used for wheels, shock absorbers, compressors, pumps and other mobile units. The low swing angle model is most commonly used for starting systems, engines and turbochargers.


Regardless of the working principle, all components bear different types of load, which determines their design. The radial rolling bearing, for example, consists of an outer raceway and an inner raceway, and is used to connect various vehicle components. The inner surface of the ring has a groove with a moving rotating body. Most commonly, there is a divider with holes for rotating elements between the rings. Thrust bearings have a similar structure, but do not have a seat ring, but have upper and lower rings, and balls and rollers move between the upper and lower rings.

The sliding bearing has no rotating elements. They consist of a shell and a bush made of anti-friction material. They have oil grooves with oil supply channels. The shaft inserted into the bushing will not come into contact with it because the space separating them is filled with oil.

This is a widely used three-jaw bearing puller. It has the characteristics of high strength, large torque, good hardness, sturdiness and practicality. It can be used in automobile bearings, motorcycle electric bearings, mechanical bearings, agricultural machinery, etc.

It is made of high-quality carbon steel and has a long service life. There are two ways to install the feet: positive and negative. Special heat treatment, high strength, high distortion, good hardness, firmness and practicality. Remove the pilot bearing, pump bearing and brush.

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