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Automotive water pump bearings: all the symptoms of its failure

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Automotive water pump bearings: all the symptoms of its failure

Date:2021-01-28 Author: Click:

Automotive water pump bearings: all the symptoms of its failure.

Fortunately, it is rare that the pump suddenly breaks suddenly, so it is our responsibility to pay attention to all these warning signs. These warning signs should not be underestimated to avoid more serious (and more expensive) damage.

If you find the following, please have a trusted mechanic check the pump:

The engine temperature indicator rises at a certain frequency (this means something is wrong with the cooling mechanism).

There is a small amount of coolant under the vehicle (the gasket may be worn and leaking).

A loud harsh sound comes from the front of the car and increases as you accelerate (the belt connecting the pump to the engine is loose or the pump bearing is worn).

When one of these symptoms occurs, we recommend that you seek the help of a good mechanic as soon as possible, because continuing to use the car under these conditions means that the engine may be severely damaged.

Automotive water pump bearings are the heart of automotive cooling systems, usually belt-driven centrifugal pumps. Our seals are specifically designed for this application. With the motor running, the pump circulates the coolant in the system. If the belt fails, the pump will not run. This is one of the reasons why it is important to always check the condition of the belt during maintenance.


The automobile water pump bearing uses centrifugal force to transfer the coolant to the outside when it rotates, thereby continuously sucking the coolant from the core area. The inlet of the pump is located near the center, so the coolant from the radiator hits the pump blades, forcing it to enter the motor toward the outside of the pump itself. The coolant leaving the pump first flows through the engine block and cylinder head, then through the radiator, and finally returns to the pump.

Automobile water pump is the basic part of every automobile. Its task is to circulate coolant (usually just water) in the relevant circuit.

In daily operation, the temperature of a car engine is usually very high, usually around 90°C. Without the action of water pump and coolant, it is impossible to avoid overheating.

Engine overheating is one of the serious car problems that can lead to fatal consequences. If the engine overheats a piston made of steel, it will spread out and jam the cylinder. Cylinder head gaskets may cook and cause engine oil or coolant to leak. These are just some of the problems caused by the failure of the car's water pump.

In short, a water pump failure can cause thousands of euros in damage to the car's engine. To do this, you must make sure that the component is functioning properly and know the symptoms that indicate a problem.

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