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Introduce several reasons for the damage of curve roller bearings?

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Introduce several reasons for the damage of curve roller bearings?

Date:2018-10-24 Author: Click:

As we all know, no matter what equipment or parts have been used for a long time, damage is inevitable, and the use of bearings is also the same. As a kind of product, what are the reasons for the damage of the curved roller bearing? Abrasive wear, exhaustion and sintering, etc., these three reasons are relatively common, and there is the possibility of mutual influence. So what is the main composition? Let's introduce to us the analysis of the possibility of damage to the roller bearing, hoping to help us.

1. Abrasive wear: This is because the small solid particles mixed in the lubricating oil enter the gap between the bearing and the shaft with the circulation of the lubricating oil, and adhere to the bearing surface to form abrasive particles and form scratches and nicks on the bearing surface. .

2. Fatigue shedding: In the case of bearing overload and partial wear, due to the bearing's working temperature is too high, the alloy layer is uneven or the fatigue strength of the alloy material is too low, the bearing is under the impact of the oil film pressure, and the alloy layer has fatigue cracks. This is called Cracks, the fatigue cracks of the cracks develop in the depth direction of the alloy layer, and extend in the transverse direction adjacent to the joint surface, alternately forming the alloy material flakes.

3. Burning: Because the gap of the roller needle roller bearing is too large or too small, when the supply of lubricating oil is stopped and the supply is lacking, or there is no oil film between the bearing and the journal, a semi-dry conflict or dry conflict occurs between the bearing and the journal , Produce a lot of conflict heat, cause microscopic melting and adhesion, if it continues, it will cause the bearing to melt.

This article mainly analyzes the three reasons for the curve roller bearing. These are the possible occurrences of the bearing during the use of the bearing. We need to understand these contents in order to make our bearing products work better. If we are interested in this information, we can pay attention to our news, I believe we will have a harvest.

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