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The principle of automotive water pump bearings

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The principle of automotive water pump bearings

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The principle of automotive water pump bearings

 Nowadays, cars have entered every household and become a special tool for ordinary people to travel. As a high-end technology product, cars are used for carrying and driving. The internal structure is particularly important. Everyone knows the function of centrifugal water pump, so do you know the function of car water pump?

 The automobile water pump is mainly used for the refrigeration system service item of the automobile, and has the effect of a mandatory circulation system. It should be understood that a car, even if it is not on a highway, only runs 500 meters on an ordinary road, the heat generated by it is extremely shocking. If the key component of the refrigeration system, the automobile water pump, is lacking, the adverse effects are obvious.

 The car water pump is in the engine block of the engine. There are several water passages for the cooling circulation system, which are connected to the heat pipe radiator placed on the front side of the car to form a large circulating water system. The upper drain of the diesel engine, according to the engine The leather belt pushes, pumps out the hot water in the waterway of the engine bottom shell, and pumps the cold water. There is also a water temperature sensor around the water pump, which is not turned on when the car is just started, so that the cooling circulating water does not pass through the water storage tank and circulates in the diesel engine car. It will be turned on when the temperature of the diesel engine is above 95 degrees. The boiling water is pumped into the water storage tank, and when the car is moving forward, the wind blows through the water storage tank, bringing heat away.

 The diesel engine drives the rolling bearing of the centrifugal water pump and the centrifugal impeller to rotate according to the belt disc. The refrigerant in the centrifugal water pump is pushed by the impeller to rotate together, and is thrown to the edge of the water pump casing under the effect of centripetal force. Drain from waterway or tap water pipe. The operating pressure of the management center of the impeller is reduced because the refrigerant is thrown out. The refrigerant in the water storage tank is sucked into the centrifugal impeller through the water pipe under the effect of the pressure difference between the inlet of the centrifugal water pump and the centrifugal impeller management center to complete the reciprocation of the refrigerant. Circulation system.



Automotive water pumps can not only be used for automotive power cooling and cooling, but also used in many industries. In the future, the development of automotive water pumps is expected.

It is widely used in various water pumps and oil pumps, and has won praise from Chinese and foreign customers.

The water pump is composed of a water pump housing, shaft bearing, water seal, impeller, fan and transmission parts. Automobile water pump shaft bearing is an important part of water pump. Due to the high speed of the water pump,

The speed of a general water pump is up to 6000r/min, and the speed of a high-speed water pump is as high as 9000r/min. Therefore, the shaft bearing is required to have a higher load-bearing capacity, so as to meet the requirements of the water pump.

The life expectancy at a certain speed. The space position of the water pump is restricted, the heat dissipation area is small, and the working conditions are bad. Therefore, the automobile shaft bearing should be able to maintain normal under high temperature

The requirement of operation without reducing the bearing capacity of the bearing is difficult to seal. The reliability and durability of the seal will directly affect the usability of the pump. In short, the shaft connection

Bearing capacity, working clearance and sealing performance are three important performance indicators that affect the performance of the pump.

Automotive water pump bearings

With the development of automobiles in the direction of high speed, high reliability, and low energy consumption, cooling water pumps are also required to develop in the direction of light weight, small size, large flow, and high speed. Axle bearing is a kind of bearing with large load capacity and good rigidity. A new type of bearing with high rotation accuracy, long service life, reasonable structure and reliable operation. At present, it is not only widely used in automobile cooling water pumps, but also widely used in textile machinery and engineering machinery.

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