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How to deal with the heating phenomenon in the operation of roller bearing manufacturers!

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How to deal with the heating phenomenon in the operation of roller bearing manufacturers!

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If there are bumps, rust layers, abrasive particles, sand, dust and mud on the assembly surface of the roller bearing manufacturer and the surface of the matching parts, one is difficult to install the bearing and the assembly position is incorrect; second, these attachments form abrasives , The working surface of the roller bearing is easy to wear, which affects the assembly quality. Therefore, the shaft journal, the surface of the housing hole of the bearing housing, the end face of the shoulder, and the mating surface of the connecting parts such as bushings, washers, end caps, etc. should be carefully inspected before installation. If there is a rust layer, file it with a fine file and polish it with a fine emery cloth. At the same time, remove the attachments on the bearing assembly surface and its connecting parts.

Precautions for use: INA bearings are precision parts, and their use must be carried out accordingly. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if they are used improperly, the expected high performance will not be obtained. Precautions concerning the use of bearings are as follows:

⑴. Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean. Even small dust invisible to the eyes will affect the roller bearing. Therefore, keep the surroundings clean to prevent dust from entering the bearing.

⑵. Use it carefully. A strong impact on the bearing during use can cause scars and indentations, which can cause disturbances. In severe cases, it will crack or break, so be careful.

⑶. Use appropriate operating tools. Avoid replacing with existing tools, you must use appropriate tools. Such as special sleeves, presses, etc.

⑷. Pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing. When handling INA bearings, sweat on your hands can become a cause of rust. Pay attention to the operation with clean hands, and it is best to wear gloves as much as possible.

⑸. Do not unpack the bearing before the installation preparation work is completed to avoid contamination.



When considering load factors, it should be noted that the life of the roller bearing is more sensitive to the load than to the speed. Therefore, for multi-stage transmission shafts, if possible, it is advisable to place the larger deceleration in the later stage; for the main shaft bearing, if possible, Properly adjust the distance between the external load application point and the bearing fulcrum to reduce the load of the spindle bearing, and try to transmit the load to the spindle bearing smoothly, avoid impact and vibration, which requires sufficient accuracy in the shape and position of the bearing installation part High, the clearance and fit of the bearing are selected correctly, and the installation accuracy of the bearing is good.

The shaft parts of the machine tool, especially the main shaft, are generally assembled with bearings or sliding bearings and twisted at a high speed, which occasionally generates high heat. If this phenomenon is not eliminated in time, it will cause the bearing to overheat and increase the temperature of the corresponding parts of the machine tool to produce thermal deformation. In severe cases, the main shaft and the tailstock will not be equal in height. This will not only affect the accuracy and processing accuracy of the machine itself, but also Burn out the bearing. The reason for the heating of the roller bearing and its elimination method are shown in Table 1.

  The causes of roller bearings and how to remove them

  1. Reason: low bearing accuracy Method: select bearings with specified accuracy grade

  2. Reason: the spindle is bent or the box hole is not concentric. Method: repair the spindle or box

   3. Reason: The belt is too tight. Method: Adjust the belt to make it tight.

  4. Reason: poor lubrication method: select lubricating materials of specified grades and clean them appropriately

   5. Reason: Low assembly quality Method: Improve assembly quality

   6. Reason: the inner and outer shell of the bearing lap method: replace the bearing and related wear parts

  7. The method of too much axial force: cleaning and adjusting the gap between the sealing ring and the gap between 0.2~0.3mm, correcting the diameter of the impeller balance hole and verifying the static balance value

   8. Bearing damage method: replace the roller bearing

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