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Do you know what are the uses of roller bearings?

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Do you know what are the uses of roller bearings?

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Roller bearings generally have a relatively large load-bearing capacity and can be applied to various support structures with restricted installation dimensions. Before the installation of the bearing, an appropriate amount of grease is generally injected. Therefore, under normal circumstances, after the product is installed, the user does not need to add lubricating oil separately. The cover of the product is closed, which has achieved a sealing effect and can withstand sliding in a small axial environment. This kind of product has a relatively long service life and is highly regarded by many users.

The full complement cylindrical roller bearing, which is the same kind of bearing, can also withstand higher loads and can withstand the load pressure caused by external shocks. However, the structure of this product is more compact and diverse, and the torsion accuracy during operation is also relatively high. There are more varieties on the market, and the installation is easier and simpler. In the production process of bolt roller bearing manufacturers, they are widely used in various industry platforms, such as machine tools, metallurgy and other industries.

Generally, it is passively driven left and right, and the usage habit is: do not take the initiative to turn, if something presses on it, he will move!

Generally passive driven, bolt-shaped curve rollers are generally full-loaded roller structure, the bolt shaft raceway part is quenched, in order to avoid stress concentration, the outer surface of the thick-walled outer ring of the roller is curved. The outer ring has two integral ribs, and the axial direction is guided by rollers. The bolt shaft head and the press-fitted side retaining ring provide axial support for the outer ring through rollers.

The clearance formed after the roller needle roller bearing is installed is called the installation clearance; after operation, the temperature of the bearing parts rises and the volume changes, and the shaft or shell matched with the bearing also elongates due to the increase in temperature. This causes the clearance of the rotating bearing to change again, and this working clearance is called the working clearance. The working clearance is generally smaller than the installation clearance. Occasionally, the clearance value will also increase with the different assembly and installation methods.


1) Wash the bearing with kerosene, press it into the bearing seat, fill the rollers of the outer ring of the bearing with Shell No. 3 lithium base grease to two-thirds full, use clean hands to modify evenly, install the ntn bearing gland, and use The tightening bolt of the bolt anti-loosening glue presses the bearing gland;

2) The bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with separable outer and inner sleeves, and the inner bearing should be sleeved on the rotating shaft and in place;

3) Install the bearing seat on the housing, if there is a grease injection hole, align the position. Tighten the bearing seat with fastening bolts coated with bolt anti-loosening glue;

4) Install the front and back side pain block on the shaft and place it in place. If there is a shaft key, install the shaft key into the keyway and then install the outer side pain block, and install the shaft retaining ring on the shaft;

5) Tighten the fastening bolts of the migraine block, rotate the adjustable migraine block to reach the position of the viewpoint before removal, and tighten the fastening bolts. After the above assembly is realized, the shaft should have a certain axial series movement;

6) The protective covers at both ends of the upper oscillating motor are fastened with screws.

The damage of the roller bearing can be said to be equal peeling, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear, etc., which will be reflected in the vibration measurement of the roller bearing. Therefore, through the use of a special bearing oscillation measuring device, the size of the oscillation can be measured, and the specific situation of the abnormality can be estimated through the frequency dissemination. The measured value is different due to the operating conditions of the roller bearing or the position of the sensor device, so it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured value of each machine in advance to determine the judgment standard.


Roller bearing maintenance: thin oil is smooth: the advantage is that the internal debate coefficient is small, so it is less costly to overcome the debate, the thin oil has good fluidity, and it is easy to enter the smooth surface of the debate. It has an outstanding cooling effect and can be sticky. Impurities attached to the surface of the debate and metal particles produced by grinding are taken away. The defect is that the oil film cannot withstand a large unit pressure and has high requirements for sealing. High-speed presses generally use large-flow thin oil for smoothness, which can take away the heat generated by each pair of arguments.

The correct use of roller bearings can achieve fatigue life. But if accidental early damage occurs, it can no longer be used. Different from exhausted lifespan, this early damage is called a malfunction or disorder. It is mostly caused by inadequate consideration of equipment, operation, and smoothness, foreign matter intruding from the outside, or lack of research on shafts and bearing seats.

The damage of the bearing, such as the abrasion of the ring rib of a roller bearing, may be caused by lack of smoothing agent, improper grade, defective oil supply and discharge structure, foreign matter intrusion, bearing device error or excessive shaft deflection. It may also be caused by a combination of the above-mentioned reasons.

Therefore, it is difficult to know the cause of the damage only by querying the bearing damage. However, on the basis of fully inquiring about the machinery, working conditions and external structure of the bearing, the situation before and after the occurrence of the fault is cleared, and then the damage of the bearing and a variety of related reasons are analyzed to prevent the same fault from happening again.

From the name of the roller bearing, you can guess what it looks like. The outer ring of the roller bearing adopts a full-complement cylindrical roller bearing with a thicker outer ring wall. The outer diameter of the roller has a cylindrical shape and an arc shape. It is designed to match the raceway surface according to the application site. With this outer ring, the roller can roll directly on the raceway and can withstand heavier loads and impact loads. Its advantage is that the internal debate coefficient is small, so it is less expensive to overcome the debate, the thin oil has good fluidity, and it is easy to enter the debate surface of each smooth point. It has an outstanding effect and can remove the impurities adhering to the debate surface. Metal particles produced by grinding are carried away.

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