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Steel balls and rollers in automobile water pump shaft bearings

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Steel balls and rollers in automobile water pump shaft bearings

Date:2020-12-15 Author: Click:

Under the background of the rapid development of the new era, automobiles as the products of the times are also undergoing rapid changes. As the source of power for automobiles, automobile engines are constantly developing toward higher and higher power to increase the speed of automobiles. Under this background, the requirements for automotive water pump bearings have naturally increased. Only the performance of the water pump bearings is strong enough to support the operation of the entire car engine and also allow the entire car to drive safely on the road. Therefore, in the past few years, the car water pump Bearings are also constantly being eliminated and updated in development.

First of all, the heat resistance of automobile water pump bearings is getting stronger and stronger in the continuous change and development. As the power of automobile engines continues to increase, the speed of the water pump is also increasing, so the heat generated is also increasing. With high heat resistance, the bearing can continue to work without being affected in a high-heat environment. In addition, the bearing capacity of automobile water pump bearings has also been improved in the long run. Due to the acceleration of the speed, the bearing must have a strong resistance to pressure during operation in order to effectively complete the work and maintain a longer service life. With the continuous development of the new era, water pump bearings will continue to develop in accordance with new requirements.


The steel balls and rollers (hardness 61-65HRC) of the automobile water pump shaft bearings are generally made of high chromium bearing steel, while the shaft and outer ring (the hardness is usually 60-64HRC) of the shaft bearing are made of high material. Made of chromium bearing steel or carburized steel.

The oil volume of the water pump bearing needs to be added to the specified position and sealed to prevent iron filings and dust from damaging the shaft bearing. Pay attention to the container to be clean.

The life of the automobile water pump bearing is closely related to the load, and the load is related to the unbalanced amount of the rotating component.

Through the test of the WR3258152 automobile water pump bearing, the influence of the unbalance of the fan and pulley eccentricity on the load and life of the automobile water pump bearing is studied. It is calculated that the eccentricity of the pulley and the fan will cause the radial load of the rolling elements on both sides of the automobile water pump bearing to fluctuate greatly, and the service life will be reduced accordingly.

The development of automobile water pump bearings has promoted the development of the automobile industry. At the beginning, many automobile production plants had complicated structures, many links, and low efficiency. With the advancement of science and technology, this batch of water pump bearings has been phased out, because these bearings are not conducive to the work of automobile water pumps, and the heat dissipation area is also reduced, which greatly reduces the heat dissipation performance of the car. Gradually, more reasonable prices, simpler structures, and higher efficiency automotive water pump bearings came into being, which promoted the development of the automotive industry. Small automotive water pump bearings are inestimable to the development value of the automotive industry.

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