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The key points of the automobile water pump bearing for the correct use of the heat press are emphasized

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The key points of the automobile water pump bearing for the correct use of the heat press are emphasized

Date:2020-06-11 Author: Click:

When it comes to heat presses, many friends may say that we can use them, but do you know what we should pay attention to when using heat presses? Many friends often encounter this or that problem when using the automobile water pump bearing heat press to work, and they often have a headache for this. Wuxi Auto Water Pump Bearings will give a brief explanation for all of us.

      When we are using the heat press, we must pay attention to the amount of heat transfer oil in the expansion tank. If the amount of oil is less, we will add it to ensure that the oil is sufficient and there will be no shortage of oil. It is necessary to avoid the hot plate and the electric furnace from catching fire or temperature problems. The temperature of our heat press is really 160 degrees, this temperature value should be remembered. Hot presses can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, in furniture, we often have hot presses to glue the parts of furniture.

      Of course, when using the hot press, we can find that a common problem is deformation. If the plate in the heat press is clogged when we perform steam heating, then its heating will be affected. If there is a problem with heating, the heat of the heat press will become higher during preheating. If our heat press is not ready at this time, there will be deformation problems. If the hot press cannot smooth out the board, it will cause the front and back rough boards to collide, which will make the problem more serious later.

Although the operating procedures of the hot press have been explained on the Internet, it is only a general description, and some of the contents have been omitted. Therefore, today, the editor will take a moment to make a supplementary explanation, because it is very important for the hot press. The machine is very important, it is related to the correct use of the equipment and the efficiency of its operators, so we have to pay attention to it.

Now that the importance is explained above, the editor will start the specific content below. I hope that everyone can study carefully in order to grasp it in time, so as to be able to fully understand the operation of the heat press.


1. Requirements before starting

(1) Whether the screws are loose, if so, they should be tightened in time.

(2) Whether the oil level in the accumulator and the oil tank is normal, and whether the oil quantity is sufficient.

(3) Whether the lubrication of the hot press is good, whether the temperature of the hot press can meet the specified requirements, and whether the equipment is leaking or not.

(4) Whether there are sundries, dust and dirt on the surface of the heat press, if any, remove them in time.

2. Requirements in operation

(1) Whether the piston rises and falls smoothly, whether it shakes or crawls.

(2) When the hot press reaches a higher working pressure, is there any oil leakage in the sealing ring?

(3) Whether the operation and heating of the oil pump are normal, and whether the heating of the oil is normal.

(4) Whether the motor load and temperature rise exceed the specified requirements, and whether the switch and action are sensitive.

(5) Whether there is oil leakage at the joint of the heat-conducting oil hose, and whether the valve is operating normally.

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