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Automotive water pump bearings

Automotive water pump bearings

  • Classification:Automobile water pump shaft connecting bearing

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  • Date:2021/03/02
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Automobile water pump bearing is also called water pump shaft bearing, because it is composed of a main shaft and a ring, which is equivalent to a combination of two zero-class bearings. And the end of the connecting rod passing through the fixed plate is provided with a square, the fixed plate Equipped with a level detection device, the level detection device is a bubble level, the connecting rod is fixed on the fixed plate by a nut Π, and a flat washer is sleeved between the limit step and the bearing seat mounting plate. This bearing has a simple structure and a fast adjustment process And easy to operate. The fixed plate is parallel to the mounting plate of the bearing seat, which can precisely control the adjustment process of the sleeve and the bearing spindle front end of the two-way cardiostatic and hydrostatic bearing grinding head. Automobile water pump shaft bearings are the key parts of automobile water pumps. Generally, the water pump bearings in automobiles include deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, etc. The structure has a bearing with single and double seals, and an open bearing with an external sealing device. Wait.



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